Rug Color Choice that will Brighten up your Room

Rugs are the most common elements used for interior decoration. Any interior décor is seen as incomplete if there is no addition of one or two rugs. Rugs come in a wide variety of designs and colors. No matter what your taste or already existing theme is, you will always find a color that will blend in well.

If you walk to the rug store, you will be mesmerized with the rug colors that you will see and that you will even be a little confused about your choices. The following is a guideline on some of the best rug colors that will enliven your home:

  • The Reds

The color red and all its shades symbolize dynamic power, physical activity, and passion both in the office and at home. You can use red rugs in your gym, bedroom or even in the kids’ rooms to show your keen interest in life and perhaps your fascination with sports.

  • Green

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes peace, fertility, growth, tranquility, and freshness. Green area rugs would be very appropriate for your yoga room or even bedroom where you need some peace of mind and quiet.

  • Orange

Orange is a mixture of yellow and red. Such an eye-catching color is suitable for entertainment rooms such as the TV room or the kids’ playroom.

  • Brown

Brown is usually the masculine alternative for the color red. All the shades of brown are neutral and natural. Thus, brown area rugs are suitable for almost all decoration themes, from country to modern. It also blends well with any furniture.

  • The Whites

White is the opposite of black. It symbolizes light, innocence, purity, and goodness. You can use white area rugs in the kitchen and lavatory to portray cleanliness. You can also use a white rug in the bedroom to bring out a warm and peaceful feeling.

  • Blue And Its Shades

Blue is a color that denotes intelligence, truth, stability, wisdom, faithfulness, and confidence. You can use a blue area rug in rooms such as the kitchen, living room or bedroom to display your confidence and inner stability.

  • The Yellows

Yellow is a color that is known to symbolize happiness, intellect, and energy. Yellow rugs make a room bright and sunny. You can use a yellow rug in almost all rooms in the home or even at your office.

  • Purple

Purple brings out stability in blue and energy in red. It symbolizes royalty, creativeness, grace, and power. If you wish to make a room look luxurious, use a purple area rug.

  • Black

Black is known to be an intense, formal and elegant color. It is a universal color; hence, you can use it in any room. It makes a room warm and intimate.

With all these colors, only your imagination can limit you. You can combine these colors with any shape, such as the rectangle, square or even circular rugs. Now that you have an insight into rug colors, you can confidently walk into a rug store and come out with rugs with exciting and sophisticated colors.

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